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Canadians are entitled to a free $25 Loblaws Gift Card

For its role in a years-long bread price-fixing scheme, Loblaws is offering free $25 gift cards to all eligible Canadians – no strings attached.

People have become quite angry about the price fixing of a basic grocery staple like bread, so we’re suggesting you convert that anger into charitable action!

Please consider donating your free $25 Loblaws gift card to support those facing homelessness and poverty in our community.

How do I redeem my gift card?

It’s very simple to redeem your free $25 Loblaws gift card. All you have to do is head to, enter your information, and like magic a $25 gift card will be sent to your home address.

Why should I donate it to Wesley?

At Wesley, we fight for those battling poverty in our community. This includes at-risk youth, adults, refugees, isolated seniors and families. A large part of this is providing meals and supports for this marginalized community. In the last year alone, we served more than 100,000 hot meals across our programs.

There are two different ways you can make an impact with your Loblaws gift card:

1. Donate the card

All donated Loblaws gift cards will be given directly to people facing hardships, attending our life skill workshops. Some others will be used to ensure we face fewer food shortages in preparing meals for our clients.

2. Enjoy the card and donate $25

Enjoy the gift card yourself and then donate $25 to Wesley here. Please note – you will be emailed a tax receipt immediately upon the completion of your donation. This will allow us to purchase grocery items in bulk for our meal programs.


How can I give my card to Wesley?

Before donating your card, please follow the steps included in the letter from Loblaws to activate your card online. Once you’ve activated it, please write “activated” on the card before donating it to Wesley.

You can drop off your $25 gift card directly to our Administrative office (below) Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or you can send them by mail to the following address:

Wesley Urban Ministries
52 Catharine St N
Hamilton, ON
L8R 1J1


For more information, please contact:

Andrea Buttars
905 528 5629 x 248


Wesley is a proud member agency of Hamilton Food Share

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