Help to House Refugees in Hamilton

Housing is a fundamental human right and one of the most essential elements in a household’s social, health and economic well-being. Housing that is not affordable or of poor quality creates challenges that could have a negative impact on the wellness of individuals within the household.

Recently arrived refugees are at a greater risk of living in unacceptable housing conditions. They also face barriers such as language, insufficient knowledge of the housing system and services, lack of credit history, discrimination, and income that impact their ability to access housing. Wesley assists in educating newcomers about the housing system and services, including finding access to affordable housing.

With the continued arrival of Syrian refugees and refugees from other parts of the world into Hamilton, and the shortage of affordable housing in Hamilton, we are asking for assistance with creating a list of available rental opportunities for permanent housing.

If you or someone you know has available rental property, please click on the link below, fill out the Housing Form, save a copy and email it back to us to:
Apartment and Rental Accommodations in Hamilton

Thank you!

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