Afghan Refugee Fund

Support the Resettlement of Refugees from Afghanistan

Canada has committed to supporting and evacuating vulnerable Afghan nationals to Canada who are fearing persecution. At Wesley, Government Assisted Refugees from Afghanistan have already started to arrive, and we expect many more over the coming months.

Here are 4 ways you can support these newly-arrived refugees:

1.       Learn about Canada’s programs for vulnerable Afghans

2.       Donate money. Funds raised will provide children’s activities, interpretation, housing assistance, transportation and medical expenses for Afghans and other refugees arriving in Hamilton. Click here to make a secure one-time donation.

3.       Provide affordable housing. Landlords and property managers who can provide affordable and safe housing for refugees, please contact

4.       Be inclusive and anti-racist.  Arriving in a new country having fled violence and crisis is a traumatizing experience. One of the most impactful actions community members can take is to be welcoming, accepting, compassionate and understanding.

Please note – we are not accepting donations of clothing or furniture.

In Canada, there are various ways to privately sponsor refugees. Click here to learn more on the Government of Canada’s website or Lifeline Afghanistan. We thank our local partners who will help support both government assisted and privately sponsored refugees through language programming, education, health care and other supports. Click here to learn more about the Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council

More about Wesley:

Wesley welcomes and resettles hundreds of government assisted refugees each year. We are the organization in Hamilton contracted by the government of Canada to settle and support government assisted refugees. In 2015, more than 1,000 Syrian refugees came through our programs. Learn more at:

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