2017 Christmas & Holiday Store

Continuing an Important Hamilton Tradition

For more than 30 years, Wesley has run a very special Christmas & Holiday Store in Hamilton to help people living below the poverty line in our community celebrate the holidays without stress. Instead of using money, shoppers in our Christmas Store use points to redeem new gifts and foods for their families.

Our Christmas & Holiday Store is unique as it accommodates all family compositions, including single adults, and offers a wide range of gifts for all ages as well as a fully-stocked grocery and non-perishable food section. Our Christmas Store has brand new gifts for children, adults, teens, seniors and more!

Wesley’s Christmas & Holiday Store is different in that it allows participants to choose their own gifts, food and knitted items in a dignified shopping experience.

Though we’ve been running the Christmas & Holiday Store in Hamilton for more than 30 years, its success relies on the generosity of donors and volunteers. Use the buttons below if you’d like to donate gifts or money, volunteer or register as a shopper for the 2017 Christmas Store. See a list of the items we need most this year here.

Resources and registration information:

For a list of current registration dates, click here.

To see if you’re eligible to shop at the Christmas Store, click here.

For more information, please contact our Christmas Store Coordinator at

Looking Back at More than 30 Years of Tradition in Hamilton

Since 1980, our Christmas & Holiday Store has helped countless individuals experiencing poverty in our community, and this is a tradition we’re proud to carry on.