Our Leadership

Wesley’s administrators provide direction for our organization.

Board of Directors

As a registered non-profit organization, our volunteer Board of Directors provides governance through their expertise, talent and leadership.

  • Elizabeth Abraham, Director
  • Kathleen Bingham, Past Chair
  • Joan Cranmer, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Doesborgh-Mathers, Ex-officio
  • John Durfey, Director
  • Daljit Garry, Ex-officio
  • Rev. Peter Hartmans, Ex-officio
  • Isabel Hayward, Director
  • Linda Jones, Director
  • Karen Langstaff, Director
  • Bartek Lasota, Director
  • Leah Schwenger, Chair
  • Robin Wilkie, Director
  • Howard Williamson, Vice-Chair
  • Rev. Jane Wyllie, Ex-Officio

View our Board Member Profiles.

Staff Leadership Team

  • Daljit Garry, Executive Director
  • Dean Waterfield, Senior Director, Housing & Homelessness Services
  • Deborah Hagan, Director, Specialized Residential Services
  • Denise Scott, Director, Children, Youth and Family Services
  • Elizabeth Doesborgh-Mathers, Director, Finance and Property
  • Linda Gohren, Director, Newcomer Services & Clinical Supports
  • Stacey Kowal, Director, Human Resources
  • Antonio Stanissa, Director, Housing Services – Brantford

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